This is not a complete list of all of the groups available to members, but many of these groups recur each month. Visit the Calendar page for a complete list of groups, including dates and times.

Board Meeting

Members are welcome to meet on the last Wednesday of each month at 5 pm via Zoom to discuss organizational issues. You can participate via computer or telephone. Meeting ID: 811 9340 9000. Passcode: 5555.

Community Meeting

Meet at least once each month to discuss issues of interest to members of the community.

Creative Arts

Learn to exercise your creativity in a variety of ways.

Creative Writing

Use your journal entries and your own experience to inspire you in your creative writing projects.

Field Trips

Each month we will embark on a different field trip based on member votes during the Community Meeting. Look for the field-trip destination on each month’s calendar.

Fun & Games

What can be more carefree than allowing yourself to participate in a fun activity? We will offer two games plus cards from which to choose.

IPS Topics: Intentional Peer Support Topics

Learn to build mutually-beneficial relationships that aid in your wellness and recovery.


Record your thoughts in a journal. Use inspiration readings to prompt journal writing.

Men’s Group

Take part in a wellness group based on your experience as a man.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meeting

Attend a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting at Infinity Peer Support.


Meet with staff members to discuss issues you want to address and resources to which you want to be connected.


Have you ever felt the need to heal emotionally or physically? Renee Napolitano from Embrace the Healing is a certified Reiki practioner. Participants are encouraged to get in touch with the energy centers of their bodies and cleanse them.

Singing & Dancing

Is there music that makes you happy or songs that speak to you? We all have songs that bring us joy. Come join us as we journey through our own creative expression with music. Dancing is also encouraged.

The Body Keeps the Score

Learn strategies to cope with traumatic events.


Do you want to learn how to relax and calm your racing thoughts? Yoga may help you. This thousands-of-years old practice involves breathing and stretching. You can practice this skill in a chair. You do not have to be able to lay on a mat or bend into a pretzel.

Winning Against (Mental Health) Relapse

Learn tools to help you through difficult times and recognize stressors, based on the work of Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D. Learn coping techniques; make plans to help you through difficult times. Develop a toolbox of skills to help you cope to feel well and be well longer.

Women’s Group

This group is an open discussion for any woman that would like other women to talk to in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Take part in a wellness group based on your experience as a woman.