Intentional Peer Support (IPS)

We use Intentional peer Support, developed by Shery Mead, MSW, to help members grow in relation to each other by practicing four tasks: Connection, Worldview, Mutuality and Moving Towards. We expect members to espouse values and demonstrate competencies. IPS is incorporated into weekly groups.

Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP)

We rely on the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, to help members create a toolbox to monitor and cope with symptoms, habits and behavior patterns that get in the way of their recovery. We encourage members to create a daily-maintenance plan; identify early-warning signs; develop a crisis plan and post-crisis plan; establish a healthy lifestyle; set up a support system; learn to advocate for themselves; increase self-esteem and relieve tension and stress. Weekly WRAP groups are conducted.

Monthly Education

Each month, we invite guest speakers to present information about their agency. We encourage members to turn self-defeating thoughts into positive affirmations and conduct role plays to get members to look at situations and find a way to handle them differently. Several times a month, members participate in outings or tours. We walk around downtown Rochester and learn to use public transportation. These activities get members into the community. We offer arts activities as well as Chair Chi, Couch-to-5K and stretching and strengthening.